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Contact form | Not being sent to registered email

  1. I've had a lot of 'strange thing has happened' issues over last few hours.

    One of them is that contact messages via the contact-form dont appear to be forwarded to email registered under Dashboard > Option > Email address.

    Anyone have any idea of any glitches going on?

    Support is closed on account of the WorldCamp booze-ups!!

  2. You only registered here 3 hours ago. I have been answering questions on this forum non-stop since 8:00 AM this morning (-8 GMT). And interestingly enough, you have not posted a single question asking for help to this support foum.

    While it is true that Support is closed every weekend and this one for WordCamp, note that there are staff working right at this moment. In fact staff have this forum on a feed and if your problem is urgent they will take care of it.

    If you have a specific problem or a question then post it here now please.

  3. TT,

    From the terseness your reply, you might have taken offence to my remark on the Worldcamp Boozeups. That was supposed to be in lighter vein and not a complaint nor showing of any irritation. In fact, the way the support team work, they rightly deserve a booze-up!!

    If I were not happy with WordPress and it's team, I would not have moved two blogs to WordPress and further created another.

    Further, I posted my query / question here, just so that I can narrow down where the problem might be. Either wordpress end or on my email app - GMail's end - in the possibillity that Gmail may be down and thus emails not coming through.

    Thank you and many of the other 'regulars' on this forum who help out, such as drmike, judy, to name a few.

  4. Thanks for the thanks. FWIW no one else has reported this same difficulty as yet.

  5. I did a test run again. Still no email.
    Reading Barry's post at the top of this forum - Could be Level3 and Savvis bandwith thing have a role to play on this particular 'issue'?

  6. I'm sorry I don't know.

  7. I ran the 'contact form' test on two of my blogs.
    The emails do not come through.

    I did an email test run - sending emails from alternate accounts to the email addresses connected with the two blogs - the emails were received fine without any delay.

    Leads me to think that it could be caused by the stuff Barry wrote about above. Will just wait till tomorrow or Monday to look at this again.

    Thanks for your responses, in any case, TT.

  8. Looks as if, things falling back in to place. Contact-form message came through almost instantly. Thereafter changed the email that the contact-form points to (Dashboard > Options > Email) and that was changed (via the confirm process) almost instantly.

    Thank you, TT and Thank you support. Have a great WordCamp! With or without the booze-ups!! ;-)

  9. If there were network interruptions, it could have caused all kinds of short-term problems. Glad you have it working again.


  10. /nod and smile to trent

    YAY! I love happy endings. :)

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