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    I’ve just noticed that the contact forms on my pages are not displaying inputted text properly.

    When you go to enter your name or e-mail the text disappears as you move to the next box.

    The form is working – the info gets transmitted – but because it doesn’t display properly I worry it will discourage people from using the forms.

    The theme I am using is Misty Lake, and I have the custom CSS upgrade.

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    The CSS rule that is causing it:

    textarea {
        color: #FFFFFF;

    Since the background color is also set to white the text ‘disappears’ when it’s not active, selected. :)


    Thank you for the response @jcasta
    I see what you’re saying. It’s there, it’s just invisible because the colour is white.

    Problem is…I’m not sure where to put the CSS coding that you have provided. Is there a way to change only the font colour (black would be fine) in those input forms rather than on the whole site?



    Sorry for the delay in response. :(

    What you can do is actually just change the color value from the code I just posted to any color of your choosing.

    Or you could try using:

    .contact-form input,
    textarea {
      color: #000;

    That will give you a black font color in any contact form you use. :)


    Thank you @jcasta, your solution has worked perfectly!


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