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    I installed a contact form on a page on my site. That page is here:

    As a test I tried sending myself an email using the contact form. The message came up that the email was successfully sent; but I never received it in the designated email account. I saw in some old forum posts that there might be a bug that prevents such emails from going to the administrator’s email addy, so I then changed the indicated destination email address to a different one. And it still doesn’t work. (and in neither case did the emails go to my spam filter)

    This is the code I have on the page:

    [contact-form subject="Message from a blog reader" to="HarvSilk @"] [contact-field label="Name" type="name" required="true" /] [contact-field label="Email" type="email" required="true" /] [contact-field label="Website" type="url" /] [contact-field label="Comment" type="textarea" required="true" /] [/contact-form]

    (Also note that for purposes of this post I added extra spaces around the “at” sign on the listed email address).

    Help! I am very upset that I’ve been telling people that they can email me through my blog, and some might have tried and I’ll never know that those people tried to email me. Also, is there at least somewhere on the dashboard where I can see emails that were sent through my contact page, even though I didn’t receive them?

    The blog I need help with is



    Try Dashboard >> Feedbacks >> for contact form stuff




    As a test I tried sending myself an email using the contact form.

    Precisely. Messages you sent to yourself, especially if you just write “test” may be mistaken for spam.



    Okay, thanks to both of you for those suggestions. My test messages did go into spam.

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