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Contact Form Not Working (ChaoticSoul Theme)

  1. I'm using the ChaoticSoul theme and the [contact-form] code isn't working properly. Rather than create distinct boxes for entering name, email, subject, and comments, it is just creating one huge box and a submit button.

  2. Got a link so we can see this?

  3. It will do this so long as you are logged in to WordPress. If you go up to your dashboard and Log Out (Dashboard > My Account > Log Out) you will see the distinct boxes (name, email, website, and comment box)

  4. That worked! Thanks!!!

  5. Oh, that makes sense. You would think the username would be in there somewhere though.

    Or is it?

  6. Yes it shows up saying "Logged in as username. Logout >>"

    I guess I could have said click the "Logout" link and it would do the same thing as going up to the dashboard.

    [Edit: Actually it does not do the same thing...the dashboard log out leaves you on the blog just logged out and the logout link on the contact form takes you to a wordpress login screen and you have to click another link to take you back to the blog]

  7. I can't get it to display anything other than [contact-form] as text.

  8. @penguintrax
    Would you please post the url to your blog so others can see what's going on?

  9. Actually the URL to where the contact form would be even better. Else we have to search through your blog to find it.

  10. Sorry... here's the link. I have the code on a page:

  11. That's because you're using different software. The instructions for the contact form is for the blogs hosted here at You're hosted at which is not connected with The software support site you need is at

    Good luck,

  12. Thanks Dr. Mike - I had asked that question in the announcement for the plugin, but there was no answer. Appreciate your time.

  13. Staff tries not to do support in that blog. That's what the support forums are for. :)

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