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    When I put in the code for a contact form, it comes up as a comment box. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any thoughts???




    It looks just like a comment box, only in the middle of your page. You can put text under it as well. Try that to test and if it works you know it’s just fine. You can also make a test page and sign out and try to contact yourself through it.

    It would help if we were able to see the page it’s on. Have you got a URL handy, or is the blog private?


    Oh, no, it’s a blog. They shouldn’t be private! LOL Just kidding. No, my blog addy is




    It works like a charm. I just sent a message and it told me it went through. Nice-looking blog, too.


    Hey, thanks for the compliment!!! I was looking at it in FF and I’m still logged in so it is showing as a purple box without any spaces for contact info. (i.e. name, email, website info). When I looked at it in internet explorer, it showed just perfect.

    Thanks for your time, I really appreciate your help!



    Looks ok in FF for me.



    You may want to turn off the comment box though for that page. Gets kind of confusing.

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