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Contact form shows my info instead of blank fields

  1. When I clicked on "contact form," it came up with the fields filled with my email address, name, etc., instead of being blank. I checked the support page, but can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

    Thanks in advance!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's normal. Only you see your information and only when you're logged in.

    If I visited that form, I would see my information.

  3. Thank you so much, notawoodpecker! That never even occurred to me.

  4. thistimethisspace

    The same is also true of auto-filled content in comment boxes. And, while we are at it the same can be said about the Admin [edit] link. It's only for your convenience and only you can see it and use it while you are logged in.

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