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    I used the following CSS code to adjust the size of the contact form, but now the right side of the contact form is cut off.

    Here is the CSS code:

    #contact-form-widget-text-6 {
    width: 150px;

    Is there another CSS code that I can use?

    The blog I need help with is



    It looks like the text fields in the form are wider than the widget area, so the width of the actual fields inside that widget need to be shortened.

    This worked for me:

    .textwidget input[type="text"], .textwidget input[type="email"], .textwidget textarea {width:148px;}

    I hope this helps.



    Thank you for the response, but the CSS code doesn’t seem to work with my theme.


    Sorry about that, when I tested it, I was editing the CSS for the forms instead of for the overall site.

    Maybe this will work for you. It’s slightly different:

    .textwidget input[type="text"], .textwidget input[type="email"], .textwidget textarea {width:148px !important;}



    Thanks for taking a shot at the title again, but I am not having any success with the new code.


    I checked using Firefox 18.0.2 and Chrome 24, and the forms in the sidebar don’t look cut off to me.

    Are you making sure to use an updated web browser?



    I decided to change the widget instead. Thanks for the look!

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