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    Over the last few weeks or so I have been getting spam from my contact form. In the 7+ years I have had my WordPress website I had never before gotten spam, of any sort. To me this might indicate a change in spam filtering efficacy, or a more severe breach/hack into WordPress. What are your thoughts. Is anyone else noticing a distinct change in the frequency of contact form spam?

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    Hi there,

    By contact form spam do you mean messages that actually get past the spam filter, landing in WP-Admin ->Feedback, or are you seeing an increase in messages landing in the spam folder itself?

    Spammers constantly evolve their tactics to get around spam filters, which is why the spam filters we use on are designed to learn. If some spam is making it past the filters into the inbox, mark them as spam (don’t just delete them), and you’ll train the spam filter to block them as well. If you just delete the messages, the spam filter doesn’t learn to filter them, and they’ll just keep on coming in.

    If you’re seeing an increase of spam in the Spam folder, that just means there’s currently an influx of spam. Spam tends to come in waves, so there’s nothing strange about that. If the messages are going to the spam folder it means the filters are working the way they’re supposed to, and there’s nothing you need to do.

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