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    The contact form I have placed on all three of my sites only sends an email to me if the user is logged in to wordpress. I’ve tested it by logging out, filling in my name, email, and a URL with a test message in the body, and never receive an email. Tried three times. But every time I tried while logged in, I received the email.


    I just logged out and sent a message via your contact form. Check your email in a few minutes to see if it is there.


    Ah, you might have to “whitelist” the address in your email spam filter.

    The address the emails will come from is this: (email redacted)


    I haven’t received your email yet.

    I’m not using a spam filter. I already get emails from (email redacted) when someone sends while logged in or when someone leaves a comment.


    Go to settings > general and make sure that “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” is not selected. If it is, deselect it and then click “save changes” at the bottom of the page.

    Other than that, you will probably have to contact staff.


    Richard, I don’t know when your test arrived, but I did eventually receive it. I got a successful test from wordpress support in regards to a support ticket I opened. I have not, however, received any other test messages. And whenever I test the contact form while logged, I receive the email within a matter of one, and no longer than two, minutes.

    The email is going to an aliased address, and then gets delivered to a pop account. Why that would matter I don’t know. Another puzzling matter is why messages would come instantly when logged in but delayed or never when not logged in.


    I’m not sure why the delay either.


    It seems to usually work, but no tests went through when I used as the URL in the web site field of the form. I tried four tests within a few minutes. Twice I used google, on two different sites. Never got the tests where I used That’s what I’d been using in most, maybe all, of my other tests. Odd little glitch but nothing serious.


    The contact form as I understand it goes through akismet to prevent spammers using it as a way to spam you. Entering as a URL I suspect would be a good way for it to get flagged as spam and tossed by akismet.



    I hate to butt in, but please tell me where I can find the contact form for wordpress… Thanks…


    Make sure and turn comments off for the contact page or it will confuse your readers.

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