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    I’ve created a Contact page, but is there a way to list my name and phone number in the sidebar so it’s always visible?


    Adding it to the header would an an equally good option.


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    You could use a text widget in your sidebar.


    You could add it to your header by designing your header to have that information in it. Like my header has my blog’s url typed in it. But, I designed it using photoshop. The easiest way, though, would be what 1tess suggested.


    Got it — thanks.


    Uh, is there a way to format that text with various sizes, boldface, etc? It’s running as one paragraph


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    The easiest way to fill a text widget is to write it in the visual editor, then switch to html copy that code, then paste it into the widget. The visual editor does not have sizes, but you could do it with html. It does have bold and italic and colors. I’m not very fluent with html, but it’s not too scary.


    Best way to learn is to dive in, I suppose. Sincere thanks!



    You might want to consider adding this type of personal information
    will allow spam bots to get a hold of the information. which in return
    could result in allot of spam mail set to your email or marketers calling
    your phone number.

    I suggest creating a image with the personal info that you want to display


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    He mentioned only name and phone number, but putting in an email addy is spam bait.



    For bold text:
    For a line break:
    <br />
    For a blank line:
    <div> </div>
    For font size see this:


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    Thanks panaghiotisadam
    I’ve been reluctant to try to change font sizes. I’ve been using an old O’Reilly HTML guide and the section about font sizes is not clear to me. It’s so hit-or-miss the way I understand the book, that I usually give up. You link makes sense. There are times when I want a smaller font and have mostly avoided trying. That made it look reasonable.
    Are you a teacher?




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    Obviously you are very good at it.


    Thank you.

    (I owe you that for another thread, too.)


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    Dare I make use of another quotation?
    Those who in quarrels interpose,
    Must often wipe a bloody nose.

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