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Contact info problem

  1. I want to change my email address in gen'l settings. I am told to confirm this change when addressed in my email, but an email does not come for me to confirm. I have checked spam. I have tried this three times always with the same result.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    Please check your email client spam/junk mail filter. I have tagged this thread for Staff assistance.

  3. Thanks timethief. Checked spam. Somehow the Word Press system insists on keeping the old e-mail in some site places, and the new email in other places. Makes it difficult to log in, even to reply to this. I want to log in and have all places on my site be "jeteliot" only; no "sinisterwriter". Confused as to why a simple email change has become so complicated.

  4. Hi there @jetelliot,

    I'm going to turn this into a support ticket, since we'll need to discuss your email address/s.

    You'll get an email with the title of this thread as the subject line.


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