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Contact info- where to place it?

  1. What do you guys think? Is it better to have your contact info (blog email, twitter, etc.) right on the main page?

    Or is it better to have a page dedicated to contact info?

    Or both?

    I'm contemplating moving some of my contact widgets off the main page and onto a contact page but am worried people wouldn't locate it.

    Any advice is appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have a page dedicated to it, personally, but I think either way works fine.

  3. Yea I mean I feel it might be overkill to have it on both. Just trying to see what all my fellow bloggers have to say.

  4. For my social networking links I created an HTML table and placed the icons linked to my profiles on each of the sites in it. Then I copied and pasted the code into a single text widget.

    I never post and email address in this form [email redacted] as I am aware that spam bots are programmed to harvest them and return to their spam masters who sell the email addresses to even more spammers. Staff have created a contact form that's much better to use than posting an email address is.

  5. So that's why I have gotten some of that Spam! Luckily not too much.

    I appreciate the contact form page, going to build that out tonight. Also, liked your html table on your site (which has been a great resource for my relatively young blog).

    I think the contact page is the way to go. The only reason I chose the Pilcrow theme was because of the ability to have 2 side bars.

    Just wondering do you know of a theme that would allow one side bar, wider margins, and the same picture header that I have now?

  6. Hello there,
    It's always cool to meet a reader. Did you know that Pilcrow has 6 alyouts to choose from? Go here > Appearance > Theme Options
    If you choose the first one " Content-Sidebar" and then click "Save Options" then you will get what you want.

    Note that any widening of of "margins" would require CSS editing experience, and an annual CSS editing upgrade, and you would have to do the work yourself.

  7. I remember seeing that when I first designed it, but forgot until you reminded me.

    If you have only one side-bar in Pilcrow, does that widen the margins at all?

    Otherwise I'll probably start looking at similar themes that have a wider margin capability.

    Thanks again.

  8. To be honest I do not know what you consider to be "margins". We cannot edit templates or themes here and if you mean white space on the sides of posts then I don't think you are going to locate a theme that has wider ones.

  9. Ok that's what I meant.I found a couple, but they didn't some of the other capabilities that the better ones do.

    Appreciate the help.

  10. I have a contact page with the Contact form.

    I don't put contact details anywhere else on my site for the exact reasons TT mentioned.

    People can follow me on Twitter, but I have not linked my website to Facebook.

  11. @mgib3
    You're welcome. BTW I don't post my personal email address anywhere online. That's reserved for the use of family and close friends only. I have a separate email address for each of my blogs and once again I do not post those anywhere online either. Consequently, spam is not a big issue for me.

  12. TT, have the personal email and blog email separate. Thanks for all the sound advice!

  13. thoughtsofakind

    i have mine on a seperate page. it keeps it out of the way till its needed

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