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    I have not graduated to plug-ins yet (but its coming) and I need to put link my contact and archive headers. What http etc to I type in the space provided. I checked my email address is in general settings etc. This is so frustrating!

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is



    Please be aware that there is no FTP access to free hosted blogs and we cannot install any plugins. They are only for installs which run on different software. There is no upgrade you can purchase from to gain that FTP access and install plugins.



    I need to put link my contact and archive headers

    See this post on The Morning After theme


    Hi – I know I cannot use plugins at the moment – I just cannot find what to type into the http field to link my email address to my site? Just need to know what to type in. Every thing I browse does not tell me what to type in this blank field


    I just need the “apprpropriate URL ” as they call it to link my email address in the contact http space.



    Click this link and note that the same theme in on the blog in question as the one you use Without doubt the answer to your question can be gained there.


    Nope! I just don’t get it. But thank you very much for your fast response. I just cannot solve this problem. So frustrating.


    I can’t get the “If you would like to follow this blog my email” button to work either. I think there may be a connection???



    You can add this in the Header Links “Contact” field:

    Or (better) create a contact page in Pages > Add New, add the WP contact form to it, and paste the URL of that page in the Header Links “Contact” field.


    justpi! I love you! I knew it was something simple. Thank you so much. I have success. Gotta change a few email addresses now, but I am officially cured! TY

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