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    I would like to add a “Contact Me” button to my blog so my readers can e-mail me from that link. How do I go about doing this? I know how to add the image in my sidebar but I don’t know how to make the image a link that will compose an e-mail.

    Or is there another suggestion that would work the same?



    A search of the FAQ’s for “contact” brought this: http://faq.wordpress.com/2007/05/13/how-do-i-make-a-contact-form/


    Okay, so it told me what a contact form was but I didn’t see where the instructions were to create one.



    The instructions are right at the top where it says:

    How do I make a Contact Form?
    Easy! Put


    in any post or page….


    Okay then I guess I don’t understand. Do I just put [contact-form] in and WP does the rest? Can it really be that easy?

    I’m going to try it…


    Huh, no dice. all it say in the post is [contact-form].


    It is just that easy and it keeps you from putting your email address on the blog, which would have resulted in you receiving a bunch of spam probably.

    Make sure and turn comments off for your contact page (on the bottom of the write page under comments and pings.



    I see your form just fine in your most recent post. You can make a page and name it Contact or Email or whatever, then put [contact-form] as your content and publish it. Voila. It is that easy.

    /nod to tsp!


    Okay, it didn’t take at first but now I see it.

    I’d rather not have my e-mail listed anyway, to be honest. Thanks.

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