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Contact me tab - adding one

  1. Hi all

    I'm using INove for my blog posts at the moment. Is there a way of adding a 'contact me' tab? As in if someone wants to contact me but not leave a comment in the public area?

    Or do I need to change my theme to do this? If so, how can I find out whic ones do this option?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Use a Contact Theme on a static Page rather than a Post.

  3. Thanks for this, but I dont really understand it. When I try the contact form it appears as a post. I dont want it to appear as a post I want it to appear as a new tab/page across the top or similar.

    Can someone give me some simple easy to follow instructions. The top link in raincoaster's link whilst being helpful, isnt easy for me to follow or I'm not doing something right as it just appears as a contact form in a post. I want it to appear seperately from my posts.

  4. It appears as a Post because you're writing a Post. Do not do that. Write a Page.

  5. Raincoaster

    You are a star! Thank you for pointing out the obvious to me! It was too late at night for my brain to be functioning!

    It now seems to work,thanks again


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