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    It says send a contact request but for the life of me I can’t see how to do that. Can anyone tell me? It says not to provide financial or contact information so how in the world would you be able to contact me to tell me? I am not writing about four flags journal. I am writing about a different site that I helped my son to set up.

    The blog I need help with is


    It isn’t fourflagsjournalnews! I did not put that there. The site is It was originally and he paid to have it just be .com. The site is completely gone. It is a site that I helped my son with. He contacted me tonight and said it is gone. He followed up and sent me info apparently it expired. I called GoDaddy that hosts my other sites and they said it is retrievable for about 50 days after expiration. I need to find out if it is retrievable, if not is the web page information still available somewhere or do I need to start over again from scratch. Etc. Here is the end of what he sent me tonight:
    Status: redemptionPeriod
    Updated Date: 25-apr-2013
    Creation Date: 14-mar-2012
    Expiration Date: 14-mar-2013



    The URL is actually with no www in it. The blog will be visible again if he makes that Domain primary on the Domain Management page of the dashboard.

    I have also flagged this thread for staff attention so they can help with restoring the expired domain, if possible.


    There is no dashboard. It says server not found. But thanks for your response and for flagging it. I feel better already.



    Your son needs to go to and log in. If that page does not come up because of being mapped to an expired domain, he can go to and log in from that page, then get to his dashboard via the Grey Admin bar.


    Okay, thanks, I’ll try that. But it won’t be my son doing it. If he wants anything done on the Internet he assigns it to me. ;D I get all the dirty work (giggle just kidding). Thanks.


    Many thanks for trying to help me. I did as you said. At the wordpress page I see nowhere to log in. If I click my blogs (or something like that) it gives me my own domains. I did his blog page from this computer so I can’t figure out why there is nowhere for me to attempt a log in on this. I can put the URL in the search engine and even if I do adding wp-admi it comes up “server not found.”



    You need to log out as you. You’re not the admin of that blog. You need to log in as him.


    I’ve tried everything and no matter what, it says server not found. I suspect that it is just gone. But if so I’d like to at least retrieve the information (the site itself even if it is not connected to a server) so I can do something else. Otherwise I’ll have to start over. Can someone else try it? See if you see any way to sign in. I am in South America but I don’t think it could be that. It does not give me a place to sign in. I can’t go to the dashboard. This is a bad day!


    Member – the domain name is in Redemption – you can renew it if you want with staff help

    This is already flagged for the staff to help you – they can remove the expired domain mapping so you can access

    but you should be able to log-in here then navigate to the dashboard – the expired domain name is preventing you from seeing it on the normal web –

    Your old content is fine – just not such that people can see it – the staff can restore public access for you


    I am SO GRATEFUL for your reply, and thank you for flagging it for help. I will wait to hear from them.


    Staff expired on March 14 and was returned to the public market.

    You can now re-register it by adding it via Store -> Domains in the blog’s Dashboard.


    I don’t have access to the blog’s dashboard. It just tells me Server Not Found. But is it still in the public market that I CAN get it back? But again, I don’t have access. I wish I did but I don’t. I’d be pleased to renew it if I could.



    Please understand that in order to map any domain one needs an underlying blog to map it to. That blog is the blog you log into.


    Yayyyyy I got onto the dashboard. I don’t know entirely how but I did and it’s still there. I thought it was forever lost. Thanks so much. And timethief, trying now to figure out how to restore the .com.


    I now see that if I am logged in differently it shows up here differently. I’m the same person above under fourflagsjournalnews. You are much appreciated.



    You’re welcome.


    Okay, you guys. I am so sorry to be such a pain in the neck. I got into the dashboard, paid to reinstate the .com, but it still says server not found for .com. Then I looked further and it says the DNS codes are not right. So I went to the page describing and it gave 3 DNS codes which I copied into the Edit DNS box but it does not work. Any ideas? I’m sure I didn’t have to do ANY of this last year. I just clicked if I wanted to make it .com, paid and that was it.



    Oh, I’m sorry, now the domain is back in the redemption period. It seems to be switching between deleted an redemption. Redemption will cost an extra $80 fee imposed by the registrar, not us.

    Since it seems like it might go out of redemption soon, I recommend just waiting a week so you can re-register it at the normal rate.


    Okay macmanx, thanks so much. I’ll take that advice. Thanks for taking the time to check for me.

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