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Contact sheet-like photo page

  1. kanonfotografen


    I want to make a page, where I have 1 photo of each of my models in a grid with 4 or 5 photos in each row. I use the Twenty Eleven theme, which I love, but I can only place 3 photos aside as standard. Also I cannot find an easy way to write the model's name underneath her photo on that page.

    I would love a solution which resembles Adobe Bridge CS6 layout with photos on a row and the the titles neatly beneath each photo.


    Søren, Denmark

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The easiest way is to use the Gallery shortcode. Thumbnails, with 4 columns, each picture with a caption.

    more information:

  3. kanonfotografen

    Thanks, that solve the first half of my problem. The second issue is that I would like it so that when you click on an image in the thumbnail grid then it links/opens a new page on my blog, where I will have all the rest of the models photographs.

    Any ideas? :o)

  4. Gallery thumbnails cannot link to other pages.
    You need to set a suitably small number for the default thumbnail width in Settings > Media, then insert independent images instead of a gallery. When you are about to insert an image, you get a size option (you'll select Thumbnail), an alignment option (you'll select Left, so that the images can show in a row), and a link option (you'll select Custom URL and paste the URL of the page you want to link to).
    If the images or the captions aren't all exactly the same height, there will be alignment issues. In that case you'll need some extra coding in the text editor. We can see about this after you insert all the images.

  5. kanonfotografen

    Thank again, this is the solution I already have implemented (See:

    I really like the look of the thumbnail grid gallery - if only I could make the images individually link to another page.

  6. You can add links to other pages in the description part of each image.

  7. And while it won't change the default behavior of the thumbnail image, you can add links to captions as well as descriptions.

    More information here:

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