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    Is there a number i can call for help with site? I am having domain transfer issues and questions and would like to call and ask if possible

    The blog I need help with is


    No phone number.

    State your issue here and Staff will respond when they can.



    There is no phone support here, although some people like myself offer paid phone support by prearrangement. It’s usually better to just ask your question in the forums and a volunteer will reply. Many have been here longer than staff have.


    Staff are experimenting with live chat support and I have flagged this thread for their attention.



    Could you please describe your problem in more detail? We’d be happy to help you out.

    Thank you.


    Okay thanks so much….I just mapped my domain so that my host site domain (AT&T) goes right to my wordpress setup. Now when I go to the site, there is a blank white page. It was working a moment ago and now its down. Help?



    I took a look and everything is working properly.

    Can you please try clearing out your cache?

    Sorry for the inconvenience.


    Thank you for your quick response! I just emptied the cache..but I tried the site again on three different engines (internet explorer, chrome, and firefox) and it is still blank…


    Please post the URL starting with http:// to this blank page.



    My current website is hosted somewhere else and when my renewal is up I’d like to move it over to wordpress. I’m a bit confused about how the domain moves to a new host and would welcome some help. Thanks!


    I suggest you read this – map to an existing domain –
    Read also –


    This is the link to the front page of your blog
    It’s not a blank page for me. Are you saying that the entire blog is blank when you click into it? Or are you saying one of these static pages (About Us, Contact Us, Catalog, Events, Recovery, Human Trafficking, Blog) which all have their own unique URLs is blank?


    I redirected the nameserver again on my host site, and now it looks like the page is working! Before it was totally blank, the entire site. It does look like its working now though, which is wonderfully. I’ll let you know if anything changes, but thanks so much for your response and help!


    You are so kind to offer help. WordPress finally emailed me and notified me that one of my posts: Philip’s Obituary, had some editing issues. When I look at the page in “text” format it does not display the problems they sent. So, I erased it, reposted it, found one problem they suggested I look for <div> I found it at the bottom of the post and removed it, but my two-column format did not reappear. My theme is Duet, which is automatically formatted in 2-columns. I think it’s much easier to read in columns and I want them back, but can’t seem to be able to make that happen. I did as you suggested: I went to pages view, but there was no drop-down menu offering me the option of columns vs…. My sidebar is also now at the bottom of the page as opposed to the right side where it was. I’m desperate to regain control over my page and any help you can offer would be so much appreciated. Thank you, thank you!!! Norma



    Hi there,
    I’m rather new in here and I have a small problem that baffels me:
    I’m logging in using my e-mail adress and password. (‘Log in’ changes to ‘Log out’, which should mean I’m on the inside?
    Looking for blogs of interest, I choose to press tags of interest.
    But – finding such blogs aand trying to leve a ‘like’ or a comment, results in a grey box asking me to register! OK, so I’m ousted for some reason?
    I fill inn my username and password pressing ‘log in’, only to be returned to the top of the blog I’m visiting.
    When I try to leve a comment, the grey box reappears!

    Trying the bottom line (registry) I’m notified that the URL I’m entering is ‘taken’. (Like I didn’t know that!) But what am I doing wrong?

    When I return to my own blog (SeeNorway) I’m still logged in!
    Please anybody?



    Please ask those in a different thread. They are not related questions.



    Please open a new thread at to ask your related question.

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