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Contact Template add to Andreas04

  1. I hate having to start a new post for this but in reply to all my run around about forms:

    Request to add contact us template to Andreas04 template, and perhaps a few more since I have only found 2 that have that template available.

    thanks and sorry for being a pain :)

  2. In the meanwhile, rather than going without while waiting you could create your own (1) by adding contact information to your "home" page; (2) by creating a separate contact page; or by (3) using a text widget for contact information as I have done.

  3. I have a text widget with my email address listed as well as contact information on an FAQ page - but with readers asking for advice, quick and easy is the best way.

    The idea is to ask for advice, its easier to type in a box and hit send than copy the email, move it to your email and then compose a message.

    I was also hoping that more than 2 of the 30 templates would have contact template pages. Not so :)

    So, I suppose I have to wait (hopefully they hear the cries from Central Illinois).

  4. currently, timethief's advice #2 is most effective and kinda universal if the theme of your choice supports 'Comments on Page'.

  5. I have only found 2 that have that template available.

    I know one's Blix, but what's the second?

  6. Check out my theme at It's called regulus and maybe it will suit you too.

  7. Hi, I can't find a better thread to post this... But anyway, is it possible to post the timestamp for each post via the template? andreas04 does not show timestamps for each post...

  8. That's how the theme designer designed their theme.

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