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    Is there an actual human being I can talk to at WordPress?

    The blog I need help with is



    We are all human beings answering questions here on these support forums and to suggest otherwise is an insult.

    Speak up here please as there is no phone support. Only those with the Business Upgrade have live chat support.

    This is a peer support forum where Staff and Volunteers work together cooperatively to provide support. Emailing support means it takes longer to get an answer than posting to the support forums does.

    Volunteers answer the majority of all support questions and when we cannot provide support we tag threads for Staff assistance.

    We are happy to answer your WordPress.COM questions right here in this thread. Please simply post exactly what you need help with into this thread, knowing there’s rarely ever a question posted here that has not already been asked and answered.


    Really don’t need your commentary, just a phone number. It’s surprising the amount of time wasted on emails, when a simple conversation can take place. I worked out the issue.

    If my money, however, is good enough for a one-on-one conversation, then I’ll begin looking for a new company to buy my domain name from.

    Thank you for the customer service insight; I had been warned.



    There is no phone support here.



    What kind of support is there? There is no way to contact you. All I want to do is follow responses to my comments, but I’ve no idea how to find them now that I have an account to do so, and all I’ve gotten out of this service is aggravation, which I can get for free almost anywhere else, so until I see something worth paying for, I’ll pass.



    Does this answer your question?
    Comments I Made



    If you cannot live without phone support, WP staffers do not provide it, but if you like, there are any number of paid consultants who do, including myself. We are not, however, cheap.

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