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  1. How can I add a "contact us" link for readers to contact blog owner (me) directly, not just leave a comment on site.. It seems to be standard on many web sites, but I can't find a widget that lets me do that. ?? Thanks for help

    The blog I need help with is

  2. provides a secure [contact-form] we can use on a static page. This means we don't have to post an email address in the format which email address harvesting spam bots can scoop up for theie spam masters who then use it and sell it to other spammers. However, if you want to do the conventional post an email address using the @ link you can do that using link in a text widget.

  3. OK, little confused though. I'd like to add a contact link for the site, not individual posts. That would mean it needs to be on the home page. I can't figure out how to do that, the secure contact form only seems available for posts, not the home page. Am I missing something.
    Thanks for responding.

  4. This is the URL for your blog where it can be clicked by any visitor no matter which page in the blog they happen to be on and they will be returned to the front page of your blog

    Currently you have only one static page "About". If you create another static page and use the contact form shortcode on it and title it "Contact-Us" then the page URL will be and it will appear in the top horizontal menu bar of your blog next to "About" where it can be clicked by any visitor no matter which page in the blog they happen to be on.

  5. I need a "zone record" to redirect my domain "".

    Where do I apply for this zone record?

    Ana Claudia

  6. Start a new thread call it "zone record" - also the domain name that the zone record needs to be added for needs to be in the post - the staff check the forums

    Putting a zone record request in a Contact Form will confuse most people

  7. timethief, thanks for the help. Marking this resolved!

  8. Cool - now you're rocking ... lol :D

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