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Contact Widget is unavailable

  1. I am unable to add either a 'contact form' or a 'contact widget' to any page. per instructions 'drag to the sidebar' but the entire 'available wdiget' list appears greyed out and doesn't not get dragged anywhere. Are these only available with paid accounts?

  2. Unless or until you post the URL starting with http:// for the exact site you refer to we cannot even begin to try to help you so do it now.

  3. Are these only available with paid accounts?


  4. yes SIR! doing it NOW just for you LOL

  5. Wow just read posts that this same issue was rampant 4 years ago!!!

  6. ok - I tried what was posted 4 years ago and disabled several add-ons and presto can now drag & drop widgets tot he main sidebar!
    Now how do I get them on to a different page? pls & thx Tom

  7. You are using the Twenty Eleven theme, which offers one main sidebar on posts, a showcase sidebar which appears below the entry, and three sidebars in the footer.

    You can apply the regular sidebar or the showcase sidebar to a page by selecting the right page template in the page's Page Attributes dropdown.

    Does that cover everything you want to do? If you need more types of sidebars, you may want to look at other themes, as widget areas are controlled by your theme.

  8. thx, I selected 'showcase sidebar' for my 'contact Us' page - then I returned to Appearences - Widgets and dragged the contact widget to the showcase tab in the sidebar and ....GOT IT! Thx again!

  9. :)

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