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contacting bloggers

  1. I am trying to reach the blogger

    Can anyone suggest how I might send them a message?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. CAUTION -The site referenced is NSFW

  3. I know, I found a picture of ME on it, and I want to politely ask the blogger to remove the picture.

    Any suggestions on how to reach to reach the poster? I am sure they put the picture up without considewring the personal and professional consequences...

  4. nsfw ??

  5. @mantangraham
    You need to follow these steps. Support TOS & Copyright > Content Theft – What to Do

    NSTW = not safe for work (adult content)

  6. Nerts!
    I meant to type "NSFW"

  7. ta TT

  8. You're welcome. The bottom line here is that when content is stolen the blogger has to follow the instructions in support documentation. will not of course breach privacy and provide contact information.

  9. I NEVER thought my contant would be lifted, but it has been! I'm stunned! Have contacted the site in question, will see what happens. They are also trying to help people, so I don't want to be too harsh, but lifting word word perfect when I have a "DO NOT COPY" notice is a bit rich!

  10. @teamoyeniyi
    You have just experienced why my RSS feeds are set to summary. My subscribers get 'teasers". this is not to say that the ability to copy and paste does not exist. I use copyscape as well to search for copies of my content on the web.

  11. Me too (another hint I got from you). Definitely a copy & paste job. My feeds are also set to summary.

    I just never thought my topic would be that "in demand" - clearly it is! I've been given credit, but as the whole articles are published, there is no need for the reader to visit my site at all.

    Will see what happens. I am hoping in this particular case we can negotiate a mutually beneficial solution.

  12. There is nothing to "negotiate". Content theft is what it is and I do not candy coat it. We all hold copyright to our own intellectual creations and they cannot used used without our prior permission. No copyright notice is required. I am very cut and dried about such issues. My messages are very clear -- remove my content from your site at once or your web host gets a DMCA take-down notice.

  13. The infringing blog has been suspended.

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