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Contacting the owner of a blog that's been claimed but not in use

  1. Hello I'd like to contact the (Italian) owner of and e-mail him a request ... but the site does'nt offer a contact option. Moreover, it seems to be inactive, yet it still exists. Why? Because Posterous is closing, I'd like to migrate to that precise WordPress url ... if it were free. On the forums I only found but that topic hasn't been answered by WordPress officials, only by users. Moreover the topic has been closed.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I realise the topic isn't obvious because of the privacy of owners, but I'm merely wondering whether WP mediates in those matters, if only to avoid hosting a score of ghost blogs.

    The blog I need help with is snaporaz ... but in the meantime I've claimed zaropans ...

  3. No, WP does not mediate. They basically don't act without a court order. I'd actually suggest a custom domain like instead. I generally don't advocate paid upgrades, but this one is worth the $18 a year for domain and mapping, BY FAR.

  4. Apart from all that I found that the contact blog owner topic on this forum (see above) didn't provide satisfactory information. I'm sorry to say I didn't find any other relevant info, but if there's a deeplink to a more precise policy, I'd like to learn it. Thank you each & all ...

  5. OK thank you raincoaster, feared as much ...

  6. Posterous had many disadvantages, though not initially, but somehow, inside Posterous, once logged in, one was always able to contact that other person. Pros & cons to that ... and privacy is king. OK, I'll work around the problem.

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