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Contacting WordPress about an expired domain registration

  1. cleanwatercouncil

    My company's blog was left unattended for a while and expired. I can no longer see the renewal button under My Upgrades and it told me to contact support and led me here. Except now I can't find anything that tells me how to contact anyone.

    Am I missing something?

    And the blog url below is wrong, I don't have the option to choose the expired one. The url is
    Blog url:

  2. You will probably need staff help - I have flagged this for their attention.

  3. Unfortunately, the domain expired on February 22 and has since been purchased by someone else.

  4. cleanwatercouncil

    Thanks Macmanx... how do I know someone else grabbed the domain? Would the url take me to nothing if they hadn't?

    And I assume that WordPress wouldn't have kept any of the content (understandably), but could someone confirm that to me? My boss would be really happy if we could retrieve it some how.

  5. The content is still at the underlying URL of the format but not available via the custom domain name.

  6. If so, it seems that the above url still redirects to the domain the OP mentioned. So there needs to be some housekeeping there to reset the primary address to the url.

  7. Hm, that was rather odd. is back to working again, sorry about that!

  8. cleanwatercouncil

    oh, no that's the wrong blog url. see the top post... since the is expired i couldn't choose it when i made the post.

  9. cleanwatercouncil

    they are two separate blogs

  10. was connected to

    Since is now owned by someone else, I have broken its connection to

  11. While I was ill, my domain,, expired. There's no button to renew it, and no phone number. A check shows that the domain is "in the process of being deleted."

    Can you help?


  12. Hi lyndahunter - I'm sending you an email with some instructions.

  13. Thank you, Kathryn!

  14. My pleasure. :-)

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