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  1. It is a beautiful theme, but there is one thing that bugs me. That grey bar at the top of the banner. Would be nice to see that one go and have the blue color extend to the top.

  2. yes, it's a beautiful theme.. but it doesn't have text auto-alignment just like the other default theme! Will you fix it?!

  3. It is such a great theme but it is too bad a few things can't be customized like the font and banner colors. And the links color as well.

  4. And the critical remarks mount up for what has been generally accepted as a "great" theme.

    Kind of downgrades the meaning of "Great" doesn't it?

  5. You are getting me (and others I guess) totally wrong. I think it is abolutely great and that is precisely why I would love it if there were alternates (Black Contempt) or a few add-ons.
    Funny to see invites and constructive remarks seen as some supposed wish to downgrade the word great and the attached theme. Isn't it?
    If people were not interested in that particular theme, they wouldn't bother ask for more options or would they?

  6. 'Contempt' is the perfect name for it. It is a totally unoriginal theme -- the author didn't even bother to change the description from Kubrick! -- and to be honest I am baffled about why it was added. There are plenty of other themes out there which don't look like carbon copies of the blue/grey two-col themes already offers. Why not at least change the colours?

  7. An email to the author might be helpful here. :)

  8. I have browsed his blog, there's not even a contact form -cry-
    All I want is those blue bars in black -cry-cry-

  9. I'm trying to figure out this myself now. Either it was created by Michael Heilemann as per the theme's page or Vault9 as per the link within the theme.

  10. The original was a Heilmann theme and modified by Vault9.

  11. That's what I thought. WRNC mentioned "his" blog and that threw me off.

    Vault9's got a forum area I would suggest posting to....


  12. Sorry I messed up the description when I was setting it up for For some things the best bet isn't always to contact the theme author, it's best to use the forums or the feedback form to contact us because (a) we maintain our own branches of themes (b) the original author might not care about users and (c) even if they update it we might not notice or have time to re-merge the changes.

  13. If anyone gets a response from the author about how to get rid of that gray strip at the top of the page, please post it here. I love this theme, but that gray strip is killing me!!

  14. It wouldn't matter if you did hear from the author.

    If you're using the theme with a blog you have no access to the templates or style sheet to make the change.

    EDIT: With a little begging, by enough people, via the feedback function at the top right of your dashboard maybe, could be, possibly, on a hope and a prayer the gurus behind the scenes can make the changes desired.

  15. hmmm maybe should offer such editing options

  16. +1 to being able to take out the gray bar *and* to being able to change the font & banner & link colors (I'd prefer more contrast between my text in my banner so it would be easier to read) and I'd like to see a Contempt Black or Contempt Gray.

    Oh and marc 'great' does not mean 'perfect'. I really think 'Contempt' comes closer to my idea of perfect though which is of course, well, uh...great! LOL

    Can I request a banner that looks something like a filmstrip -- doing an entertainment oriented blog, I'd like to see a 35mm filmstrip as my banner (hint, hint, hint, to powers that be and to you theme designers out there :)

  17. quote: "I'd like to see a 35mm filmstrip as my banner"

    mmmm ...yes :-)

  18. I'm still wondering how you add buttons to the grey bar at the top. Can't quite figure it out.

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