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    I am using the Contempt theme. I like it very much, but there is one problem with it: the font size of comments is very small.

    Would it be possible to make it a little bigger at least the same size as in the infobox in between the entry and comments?

    I know that I can purchase CSS editing option, but is it really worth doing it for one small modification? I am also aware that potential changes would influence all users of this theme but I don’t think that it would spoil it much…




    The themes were all designed by different designers. Unless the designer themselves change it, I don’t think it can be done.



    I have to throw my two cents in about vision and small font. Many people have trouble reading small fonts, me included. They can however increase the size and visibility – hold ctrl key down and click the plus + key. OR -> VIEW -> textsize -> increase. I did that to read the font more comfortably in this box right now. The trouble is that some readers are not going to want to do that.



    I know that this option (manual resizing) exists and I suggest using it to the people who complain. However, I wanted to know whether such modification is possible or not – thanks for your response.



    You would have to purchase the CSS upgrade and set it there like you mention. Only thing I can think of. If people can’t see the font, they’re going to resize it themselves I’m sure.

    You young whipper snappers today with your 1280 by 9 million pixels screen. Back in my day we only had screens that were 1 pixel by two pixels. And we had to walk 5 miles through the snow and the lava…

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