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Contempt Mainpage grey background

  1. Hello im very new with my wordpress blog and im experimenting with it a little bit...

    Now after my third post my mainpage is getting grey everywhere the text from the Posts are there but the Sidebar left is not to see, but if you klick the ost than everything is normal... ?

    What mistake i have done ?

  2. Hm, that is annoying, yes..
    I know there was a similar case with that theme some time ago, but I cannot find the thread.

    My first guess is that you have added something with "hidden" formatting. Please do not paste from Word or similar editor. This might be useful

    Try to remove the last post you added, and see if it returns to normal - then you know where the problem is, at least.

    This might help
    Even if your sidebar is not at the bottom, but in fact seems to be gone, give it a go.

    I checked your blog in firefox, opera and safari. Looks the same in all three.

  3. thank you boblets i will look read and try...

  4. i read the links but i have understand that the problem is taht i copied the text from word into the editor from wordpress but i dont understand how to fix it oder reconvert it or copy it to wordpad and then copy it to wordpress... question question question....?

  5. I would think that you can copy all of the text to your clipboard and then delete it from the post in the write window. Then using the paste from Word icon, paste it in that window and insert it back in.

    The other alternative is to select all of the text and then use the eraser icon to remove the formatting.

  6. thank you vivianpaige that sounds good but i cannot find the erase button ? :-(
    As such a button i know only the unlink button at Visual also by the html i cannot find it or i dont know which button you mean ... :D

  7. thank you i know that i wasn´t a silly man ;-) i haven´t got the second button line i must click show kitchen bla bla now i had find the erase button :D and I was wondering where the underline button is ??? :D

  8. i have done it but that was not the solution for the problem ... ?

    Now im depressed...

    i have selected anything in the post and clicked the erase button and saved but it looks the same only at the top line its a little bit white ...

  9. You do have a lot of weird formatting - probably from Word. You may want to do the word -clean up with more than one post. And maybe not add any posts till you've solved it.

    Try to remove the things you added (posts etc) one by one.

  10. Go to settings > reading and set your blog to display only one post per page, and then go through them one at a time to see which post is causing the problem.

    According to W3C's xhtml validator there are several open div tags and one open strong (bold) tag.

  11. OK thank you all i had deleted the Posts and post it step-by-step and now it looks fine !

    Thank you

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