Contempt Theme: CSS trouble with border & background

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    Question 1: Can I place an image on top of the existing border? It would be bamboo.

    Question 2: I’ve tried the wrapper CSS code found in another Forum response (football field). This code brought the image in underneath the footer in the Contempt theme. Any ideas?

    To clarify what I’m trying to do with Q2:
    I’m unsure if it’s called the background or wrapper, but I’d like an image behind the main portion of the website between the header & footer…behind the text & images.

    The blog I need help with is


    In “body” you find this image, which contains the borders and shadows.

    You can replace this image with your background image, but the shadow border will go away.

    There is also this image which is the navbar and the gradient right below it.

    What might be best would be to create a new shadowed border background image for #page and then it would sit over the top of the image that you place in body.

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