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    Hi, following up from this previous discussion:
    Is there any plans for Contempt theme in
    Also, if I perform a guided transfer with, will the theme be transfered also?



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    Highly unlikely since Contempt is a very, very old theme and the theme author no longer makes it or supports or updates it. Also, it isn’t a theme that AutoMATTic/Wordpress did. It was done by an independent author.

    Themes here cannot be transferred since they are modified to work here at and it is very likely it would have problems (sometimes serious in my experience) on a self-hosted installation.



    Considering how much you pay for a guided transfer, it ought to be possible for staff to install a copy of Contempt for you. I don’t know whether they’d be willing to do that; you would have to ask them.

    As tsp says, though, it is an extremely dated theme and you would be better off taking the opportunity to find one that was designed with WordPress 3.3 in mind rather than WordPress 2.0 :)



    Thanks tsp, wank!
    I’ll check with the people at guided transfer to see if it can be done.
    Updating everything and changing the theme is just not something I had planned time for right now… :(


    The themes should work pretty well with the latest version of, and it’s even a theme team goal to work toward making more of our work available in the theme directory in the future. thesacredpath, were the problems you encountered with them recent ones? We’re always open to your feedback and suggestions about them!

    You can download a copy of any of the themes, see :)


    Here’s a direct link to the Contempt theme files:

    I tested it on a local install of WordPress and it worked great in my test.



    Thanks designsimply! :D
    I just tested, and it seems to work just as in!


    Cheers :)

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