Contempt theme – Previous Entries link not working

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    I noticed this when I previously used the theme, but I forgot about it after I switched. Now that I’m back on it, it’s irritating. I don’t know if it’s just my browser (Opera 9) or if it’s really a problem.

    The “« Previous Entries” text at the bottom of my home page isn’t clickable. The cursor stays as a regular arrow when I hover over it, it doesn’t underline on hover like the other links, and it doesn’t do anything if I click it. The problem also exists on the Archives pages, so there’s no way to navigate to my older entries.



    that because of CSS — “Contempt” is YAKC (Kubrickish Clone).

    I guess, ‘text-align: center’ and ‘float: left’ had strange impact on Opera.

    have to admit, were I have to render such layout, I’d be kinda surpised too…

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