where to get contempt theme (w/ widget support)?

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    ive spent the last 2 hours trying to search the contempt theme that comes when you register a wordpress.com blog account. i need to download it so i can use it on my own server. i got the one from blogah, but it doesnt support widgets

    help ;/



    It’s quite possible that only the WordPress.com version of the theme supports widgets. It is not downloadable; our stuff is proprietary to WP.com.

    In any case, we don’t download our own themes here; you need to be over at WordPress.org. If you’re seriously dying to use that theme with widget support, you’ve always got the option of having a WordPress.com blog.


    Yeah, that looks like the ideal solution because I don’t have the skills nor nerves to start coding my “own” site. I can always set up my domain to re-direct.



    As I understand it, that won’t work without the Domain upgrade from WordPress.com. That’s ten bucks. I have to head out, but if you do a forum search for “redirect” or “domain” you will find plenty of info on it.

    Be sure to read the Terms of Service. Some people are quite startled to find out they can’t use their blogs to host ads, sell things, etc.



    If you’re comfortable with html it’s relatively simple to convert a theme to use widgets yourself. If you’re not, you’re best off sticking with wordpress.com anyway.




    Do know that you’re going to have to do right clicks and “Save File As…” to get those files.

    Do also note that it’s been adjusted for wordpress multiuser and may or may not work on regular wordpress. (ie remove the avatar function call from where ever it is)

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