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Contempt theme with flexible widths

  1. I really like the contempt theme. I just wish that the page was wider so more information can fit on one page. I like the flexible widths of other themes but the format and colors arent anything like the contempt theme. So I it was possible to make the page wider, then that would be great.

  2. You would need knowledge of, and pay for the CSS upgrade, to change the width of the elements in the design, I should think.
    Or you can pull the browser window, if it doesn't cover the whole screen.

  3. Just an Idea

  4. I'm not entirely sure you can convert a fixed width theme to a flexible one even with the upgrade.

  5. Well, then that really sucks.
    I would just like for the blog to fit the whole screen. My blog is an example of a blog that doesn't fit the whole screen.

    I don't expect wordpress to actually do anything about offering a contempt theme that has a flexible. But I would be very thankful if they did.

    Maybe if they just created a whole new theme thats looks like the contempt theme but has a flexible width, then that would also be great.

  6. That is EXACTLY what can be done in the CSS editor by someone who knows what they're doing. You start with a flexible width theme and you tweak it till it looks like what you want. Alas, that's way beyond my skill level.

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