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    Re Contempt theme

    I have done a search, but didn’t find a direct answer to my question.

    Is there a way to remove the “National Parks Tour” tab from the topbar?

    (I don’t know html, but am sure I can find someone who does.)


    The blog I need help with is


    Do you want to remove the tab but keep the page’s content on your blog? If so, you can create a custom menu and not include that page. There’s information on creating custom menus at:

    If you no longer want the content you can simply trash the page and it’ll automatically be removed.



    I’d like to keep the National Parks page and have it show exactly the way it does in my sidebar. I just don’t want it to appear in the top bar.

    I tried using the custom menu method last night, but that created a bunch of tabs in the top bar, but no Home and About tabs. Maybe I just don’t understand it, even though I thought I did.

    If there is not a way to remove that tab from the top bar, guess I’ll try the custom menu again.

    Thanks, Andrew!


    To get rid of “national parks” in the top tabs, you will have to create a custom menu and apply it. What you want to do is to only select the “home” and “about” pages and add them to the primary top navigation. In the pages module on the menu page, you might have to click the “view al” link to get the home tab and about tab to appear. Check both of those and click the add to menu button in that module, select “save” from the menu module and make sure that the custom menu you created is selected under theme locations “primary” and click “save” there as well.



    Thanks, Sacredpath.

    Looks like someone else is asking the same question in another post right now. With your reply and the info on the other post, I do believe I can make it work.

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