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    How do I single space the text I create or text I cut and paste into the pages?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi –

    Can you send an example of what you are working on?


    Hello Liz:

    And thank you so much for your reply.

    Alas, I am something of a digital troglodyte. I am working on WordPress’ free platform, and what I’m attempting to create is an online journal devoted to poetry and the study of prosody (the technique of structuring rhythm into lines of verse). So all I’m trying to do, in this early stage at which I am attempting to learn the use of the site, is to cut and paste copies of poems and short articles into pages that would be accessed by buttons on the primary menu. However, when I shovel in text this way, it is all double spaced, and this is somewhat ugsome to me, especially in the case of poems, for which I would like as much text as possible to meet the reader’s eye at once. I have combed through the editing buttons that appear at the top of the page, but I find no control for line spacing? Please tell me I’m not a doofus, Liz.

    Would you like me to send you my password so you can access the site main page or do you need to see a sample copy of text I’m trying to include on the site?

    Thank you again for getting back to me.

    All best,


    Please don’t reveal your password in this forum. Better to reveal the address and page/post of the site you are working on. Even if your site was set to private, being a member of staff, @lizkarkoski would be able to see it.


    Hi Scott, although the web has come a long way, it still isn’t like a word processing program, so formatting content such poetry on the web can be a bit challenging.

    We do have the following support page that talks about some advanced HTML that can be used to control formatting.

    To get single spacing between lines, the best way is to hold shift and hit return/enter. That issues a line break instead of a paragraph break. Hitting just return/enter issues a paragraph break.

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