Content and Feed Theft of my WordPress Blog by a WordPress Blog

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    One option is to go to settings > reading and set the number of posts to show in your feed to a low number, say 2. The also set it so that your feed is summary and not full. This will mean that all they will get is a partial sentence or two instead of the entire post.



    I typically put a copyright notice at the end of every post. Maybe I should put it at the beginning …



    It can’t hurt. But ironically, they often scrape that, too.




    they often scrape that, too.

    Bad pub for them. Good pub for me. Assuming the content is any good, that is …



    They don’t care about publicity. They don’t even care if anyone reads the posts they steal. They literally ONLY want the hit. Defrost Indoors had a post stolen complete with hotlinked picture. She took the picture down and replaced it with a picture of a dunce picking his nose with the words “This post was stolen from the great blog” and it still took them like a week to notice and take it down.



    I now got a mail from the owner of “”. His site was compromised by a hacker. He now has deleted the splog, and will take further actions in securing his website.


    the owner of the site also left a thank you comment on cohn’s blog for bringing it to his attention, and updating him on the issue. very nice.



    His non hosted WordPress blog was hacked and his feed fed the copied content from my blog to Google’s blog and search results… until when? Until he was alerted and “unhacked” his blog? How? By whom? I can’t imagine the average blog owner would have that quick a turnaround time.

    Who’s action caused his feed with my content to be deleted from search results? His? WordPress’?

    Why did a blog search for Earthquake Rocks Google Too still show his blog instead of mine up until several hours ago?

    On my blog, I have screen shots of his blog results in Google blog and search results published first with my content – not mine.

    Also, I didn’t contact him. Princo said he was going to contact him the next day but all of the aforementioned changes occurred within several hours. All I did was write the post…



    That is awesome. You should be proud of yourself.



    Haha gotta love it! If only all sploggers crashed that easily!




    I am the webmaster of As Princo pointed out already our website was hacked and was hosting a split until yesterday, when I received a mail message about this issue (I assume that this was sent by Princo).

    Because our site is fairly high ranked in Google the results show up earlier than those of your own blog. I contacted google and asked them to remove the pages from their index and caches.

    I am sorry that this happened to your content. If this ever happens again you should notify the webmaster of the offending site immediately. A simple email usually suffices to shut down the splog and also helps to fix security issues at the hacked sites.




    Thanks Ulli. Your response and explanation combined with Princo’s actions were those I had hoped to get from professionals.



    I’m glad that this issue could be resolved so easily.
    Thanks to Ulli, that he has taken such immediate reaction.

    In the comments above, i posted a link to a special security-report. If you read this report, you will see that the misterious included “banner” points to a server which is part of the Russian Business Networks.

    Really bad guys.


    how does it work exactly, did a user just going to the cinderella site cause a problem? I read the link you provided, about how they steal identities, I don’t understand how they do it though.



    Every time you visit a website, your browser (and your system) could be attacked by malicious software. This is a normal risk, and you have to secure your system to avoid potential security issus.

    It is a good idea to turn off javascript, and to use a more secure browser. I use firefox with some special plugins: i.e. noscript and siteadvisor.

    Also, i use linux as my main operating system, patched to the latest actual level.

    The “bad” site tries to install trojan-software. But if you have a well configured system, and didn’t install any software from that site, you will not run in problems.

    But it is a good hint, not to visit such bad sites too often ;-)

    And always backup your system.

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