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content copied without permission or credit

  1. A blog is copying, verbatim, my posts. Here is an example. the original here is the copy
    I looked at the support page... and all I could do is to report this to your staff. Here it is.
    This is very annoying, and I would like for it to stop.
    Luther Mckinnon aka Chamblee54
    Blog url:

  2. I'm sorry, but the web site that you have reported is not hosted at As such, we are unable to provide any direct assistance in this manner.

    The fact that the site says 'Powered by WordPress' (or something similar) simply means it is using the software, which may be downloaded and installed on any web host. Please refer to for the further differences between and

    If you need assistance in determining a web site's host, we recommend reviewing the following articles:

    Thank you for your report, and we're sorry we couldn't help.

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