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Content copying trend

  1. never thought that anybody would be interested in copying what i write :P this person has got my posts as well as a few others.... seems to be the latest scam to collect money thru ads as now the small guys, like this one, are jumping in too.

    cant do much about it right?

  2. Same thing happened to me with It sure generated a lot of hits from that site. It seems to me that they have a bot putting this all together. I'm sure it has a name somewhere.

    As for my content, I don't mind, I guess. I feel that once I publish them, they're on their own.

  3. Are they taking the whole post and uncredited, or snippeting it and linking to you for the rest? I'd have an issue with the first, but not seriously with the second. As long as you're getting the hits and the credit, fine.

    There IS a way to kill them; repeatedly click on their ads and never buy anything. Then Adsense will get mad at them. But if they're driving traffic to your site it hardly seems worthwhile.

  4. jericbilo : i feel the same way. not worth the trouble as i was not syndicating my content nor have any such plans :D just realised that this trend is percolating downwards to smaller unknown blogs like mine.

    raincoaster : they're putting up the whole post and even a link at the bottom of each post to my post. great idea about clicking on the adsense ads :P too much energy and time required for it though.

    unlike people who might pick up one article which they like this blog seems to be picking up post by some automated method. so all posts with the tag "challenges" are getting picked up whether good or bad :D

  5. I think they're using an RSS feed. If you don't mind changing the settings for everyone, you can set your RSS feed to show only a portion of the posts, and the reader can click MORE to see more; this way the automated processes like these blogs only get a section of the post.

    This issue is also discussed here.

    It's bad form to steal the whole post, even if they link to you, but whether or not you do something about it is up to you; obviously they're giving you traffic, so that's a good thing.

  6. raincoaster - tks for the link. your last entry made me laugh. i did do a search on content copying and didnt find any other posts and so started this new thread. need to improve my searching skills :D

    not much traffic from them - i guess they dont have too many visitors and/or people reading the posts are not clicking for more as the full post is there already.

  7. Is there an email address or any other contact information on the site that's scraping your content? I'm thinking that if there is then communicating with the blogger might affect a change. It's a long shot I know but it may work particularly if it's just an individual who has no concept of what proper protocol is.

  8. blogtick is hosted on servers, like the other thread we had yesterday on the subject. Best bet would be to contact the abuse address at, politely explain the situation, and request that the site be removed.

  9. It's easier to copy rather than to be creative and write your own stuff, I can't believe people are making money off being lazy.

  10. I can't believe their blogs are making any money, really. Automated posting does increase their ranks, but I've googled and believe me, my original posts on far outrank these blog scrapers' posts. I have heard you don't really start making any meaningful (meaning minimum wage or better) money with Adsense till you've got at least three thousand daily hits, so I can't imagine these are making anyone rich unless he has simply armies of them and lives somewhere the average income is a buck-fifty a year.

  11. I have a question about all this copying stuff. I have the stop bitacle buttons on all my blogs, but when I went to their site I cannot see any ads. Where are the ads?

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