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    At least once a week (every 6 posts or so) I get a post all set with pictures to the left and right. When I publish my post, the text next to a picture vanishes. Usually this is the first paragraph or two which messes with my Facebook feed too!! A couple of times I’ve had to go back and rethink out what I had written which is a hassle (I never quite get the same turn of phrase as at first).

    How do I prevent this, or should I leave all pictures centered at first and then update?

    The blog I need help with is



    I always leave pictures centred, because I can’t be bothered with this. There could be a few causes.

    Does the text just go above or below the image, or does it vanish altogether?

    How are you aligning your images? At upload, or are you editing them later?


    The text vanishes altogether.

    I have been doing my aligning before posting, but I’m thinking of changing this habit until they fix this problem.

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