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    I posted a few new posts this morning and they have since disappeared, in fact no content is showing up at all.

    Is there maintenance going on at the moment and where can I find out when maintenance is going to happen?

    How long will my blog effectively be offline today?

    Its not important I’m just puzzled that I don’t know where the content has gone, if we there and then 5 minutes later it was gone (all that you can see is the CSS header).

    Have I reached a post threshold for a free wordpress blog?

    Many thanks,

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you referring to ?

    Your content isn’t missing, it’s just way down on the page (scroll down).



    You have some unclosed tags in your posts, that might be the cause.

    Go to Settings / Writing, check “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically”, and Save Changes.


    Thanks for your held and I did as suggested but its still not showing up (I’m using firefox). The entire content of the blog was there this morning and now its not.



    Can you give us some clues to work with, like the titles of the missing posts, whether you can see them in Drafts or anywhere on your Dashboard, etc?

    This is the latest post I can see, WAY down the page:

    I would suggest, if you can find the post you made most recently, you set it to Draft and then look at the blog again. You must have some dodgy code in there. Also; if you’ve been copy/pasting from elsewhere, don’t do that. It’ll always mess you up unless it’s plain text.


    @karenlcwilson: You have mistakenly marked all your posts as Stickies, and this messes up the blog. There may be other problems too, but first take care of that.

    Posts > Edit > Screen Options > Posts per page: set a number high enough for your posts to be listed in one page, click Apply.

    Then tick the “Post” rectangle to select all the posts, select Edit from the Bulk Actions dropdown, click Apply, select Not Sticky from the Sticky dropdown, click Update Posts.


    thankyou I have unsticked everything, changed the theme again and now it all looks fine.

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