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Content of email notifications

  1. When receiving email notifications from the blogs that I'm following, some posts are complete, other cut short (with a read more of this post) & some have no content displayed (except for the 'Read more of this post'). My question is: Why does this happen? Is there a setting somewhere to control how much of your post is "revealed" in the email notification? How can I see how much of my posts are visible in the email notification that are sent to my subscribers?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The setting is by the blog owner - some send the whole Post in the email and others send a summery (read more) in the email and RSS feed - sending a summery makes it harder for someone to rip off the blog content and makes the email shorter.

  3. Where do I view/change these settings?

  4. You can change the settings for YOUR blog at Dashboard >> Settings >> Reading >> For each article in a feed, show Summery / Full

  5. Aaaaahhh!!! Thank you so much!!! :) I thought that setting was to change how my blog displays my posts (on my blog)!! Did not think it had to do with the email settings!! **

  6. You be Welcome

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