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Content stolen word-for-word

  1. I've seen other forum posts about this so I wonder: what is the success rate of getting these thieves to take down their stolen goods? I'm talking specifically about this blog:

    I have left a clearly worded note in the comments box - "awaiting moderation" - to take it down.
    Meantime, check it out. it might have stuff of yours in it too.

  2. Try Traceroute or similar and see if you can find their ISP. Most reputable ISPs will pull sites violating Terms of Use (which plagiarism usually does). Another idea is to contact their advertisers, such as Google, and lodge a complaint.

    Good luck!

  3. success rate? i have no idea. i've had a lot of issues with copyright in the last couple of weeks. the first involved my blog and after contacting the copier's hoster, they gave me a pile of instructions of all the forms i have to fill out, which must then be sent registered mail to them and they will look into it apparently. hoster's aren't that interested (despite their 'agreement' that cites a user won't violate copyright) b/c it means lost money for them if they take down a blog (i.e. no renewal). for now, it's wait and see although the copy was verbatim.

    worse yet, I then found out from an employer that a medical journalist (really, that title should be quoted..-bitter laugh-) had stolen around 150 articles verbatim that I had written for my employer. my employer owns the copyright to it so in a sense, it's their mess to deal with but it was shocking how well published this person was and how much he'd stolen of stuff I had written across so many therapeutic areas. you somehow just don't expect someone in that position to steal, and so blatantly...more shocking is the places he has been published-i'm shocked they don't use copyscape.

    i'm sorry to hear that you've been plagiarized and the unfortunate reality is that today, it's not a case of IF you'll get copied, but WHEN. you have to decide what the stress level is with a specific instance of copying and whether the time/energy is worth it. I seriously wish you all the best. :)

  4. weirdscience,
    your case sounds infinitely more serious than mine. All I have is some blog with Chinese on it fiddling with my stuff.
    I would pursue that so-called journalist as far as I could take it. Have you at least talked to your employer to get the publisher of the medium where your work has landed to fire the jerk? Or is it in a blog?

  5. This happens to us all the time at our *university* website.
    It's really irritating, and splogs are a constant source of discussion at the google webmaster's group.
    On my *personal* blog, I put up a copyright notice.

    Other than that, yeah, your only recourse is a nice request, a letter to the IP, and the guy's boss, if you can find him/her.

  6. Ever since our Prime Minister published a dossier on why we needed to invade Iraq, which was plagiarised substantially; off the net:) I have taken all this with a pinch of salt. My 2 cents is that unless this means big bucks then why stress. The sites are prolly registerd in Bulgaria or somewhere anyway. And in an era of feed readers what is the difference?

  7. lettershometoyou: no, it's not in a blog-it's all print and online for various health/medically focused magazines. my employer is pursuing it through each magazine-frankly, it's a mess I don't want to deal with and don't need to given that my employer now owns the copyright on the work I did for them. still, it obviously feels crappy to know that someone is doing that to your work.

  8. @atthe404 points out it's a given that since the introduction of rss feeds this is going to happen over and over and over again.

  9. My suggestion is to put a simple link at the bottom of each article - "Originally posted at ...". That way when they copy the post at least a link to the original posting goes with it.

  10. I'm a bit confused is the blog you liked to the one that stole your post?
    If so it makes this hillarious:

  11. @oliviaguest
    Exactly, what's hilarious about someone stealing content "word for word" thereby breaking the law and then making money from it to boot? That's what sploggers do. They rarely, if ever, write an orginal post of their own they just steal content and benefit financially from doing so.

    Please describe where you see the humor in that. Oh and get ready to laugh up your own sleeve when someone does it to you.

  12. LettersHomeToYou-

    Splogs are vicious things but we nonetheless have to deal with them.
    When I first started blogging I felt angry and violated.
    These days I leave them a nice juicy message and move on.
    No sense wasting your time riding in a ship of fools.
    Be prepared to see more of the same but stop losing sleep.
    It's ultimately just not worth it.


  13. Well, down at the bottom it says "Powered by WordPress".
    Is that "our" WordPress here?
    If so, can the WP guys here do something about it?
    No need to leave a comment on the offending posts, as they simply add it to their blog never looking at it again and making money off of it.

    They have some of my stuff on there as well, ... even including a post about my parents!


  14. There are two things that could be done.
    (1) A plugin could be adapted from for
    To add a copyright note at the end of your feeds, something like the Angsuman's Feed Copyrighter

    (2) A plugin from could be adapted for like Digital Fingerprint is a plugin that helps you 'spot' who's stealing your content.

    In both cases, as we are a multi-user blogging platform it would have to be applied "across the board" to all blogs just like Akismet is.

    Aside from these theft of "our" content is not a issue. Also note that in many cases the thieves are using free software for their splogs.

  15. @mike
    I just wanted to say that I know how you feel about posts on your parents being ripped off and prostituted for for adsense pennies. I had the same thing happen to me last year twice on my personal blogs where posts about my fight for life were stolen and used to gain advertising income. Whether I would outlive a medical death sentence or die was an unknown. These posts were the most difficult personal sharing I have ever undertaken. I felt violated.

    I closed my environmental blog when the best stories I ever did (they were lengthy and required a great deal of research) were thieved, broken into sections under the headings I used and posted to multiple splogs run by the same person.

    This is not to mention that when I went to claim my environmental blog at mybloglog some low life from hell had already claimed it and multiple others as his own. I credit mybloglog for acting swiftly and without mercy.

    In the final analysis both athhe404 and badsneaker have made a relevant point. We cannot stop the nefarious creeps unless we are prepared to sue them and you cannot get blood from stones. Every day we have stones roll into the forum crying the blues about not being allowed to have adsense on their blogs and not being allowed payperpost, including bloggers running sites for christian "churches".

    This problem is not going to go away. Wave a dollar bill and there is bound to be someone out there that will sell his sister to get it.

    {weeping - 'nuff said}

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  18. bookxo,
    I have already sent you a private message.
    I will add a portion of that message here.

    Please remove the copyrighted content that was taken from "Macro Art In Nature".

    The pages/posts located thus far are:

  19. I go to bed, wake up, log on and find the problem solved!
    Click on the link and the blog is blank. Way to go again, guys!

    But you're right timethief: this is going to happen over and over again.

    Thanks also tt for the links to copyscape. They show that a proxy server has copied my entire blog.

    I like ozrisk's suggestion: put a link back to your own blog at the bottom of every post.

  20. I think we will find a suitable way to link added to the article in the head.

  21. to:macroartinnature

    Have been deleted

  22. Really appreciate your prompt response, ... and most certainly your understanding.
    Thank you,

  23. thistimethisspace

    What do you think of these two ideas?
    They don't solve anything. But one puts the copyright notice on the rss feeds automatically. The other helps trace who's stealing your stuff.

    Good news lettershometoyou and Mike. :)

  24. Great to see you achieved satisfactory resolution. Congratulations, your perseverence paid off. This is a lesson to all us cynics.

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  26. I see now that "my 1983" has my piece back up on their blog again, with a link back to my site on the top. At bottom it is flagged "original site" with another link back.

    So should we just say OK, everything's fine, you can use the stuff as long as you link back?

  27. IMO posting only an excerpt without prior permission but with a link back to your original is "fair play". That means your blog will get the click through hits when readers choose to read the remainder of your blog post on your site.

    However, posting an entire post , without prior permission, and with only only the link does not bring you click through hits and that's not okay.

  28. Yeah, that's the way it should be, but in reality we're back at square one. I have to fire off another cease-and-desist mail comment and see what happens.

  29. Thank you

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