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Content stolen word-for-word

  1. Best of luck. I agree with TT, that is the way to go. That's fair; taking the whole thing, nope.

  2. I feel the same way. That's why my copyright notice states:

    You may quote any content as long as a link is provided back to the source page. You may not reproduce any entry in its entirety.

  3. So it looks like they finally got the message that I don't want my stuff on their blog, but it still looks like they're stealing content from all over the place. If you click on the link in my OP you get an empty page, but click on my1983 and you'll get a sh**load of material dated July 28th, obviously ripped off.
    I guess there are more pressing matters in the world...

  4. Omg i hate people like that

  5. Sorry. I translated a bit. Poor results. I do not know what you mean

  6. You delete the content, but you put it back up as a new entry.

    You are a thief, simple as that.

  7. macroartinnature


    In this country, the taking of one's property which does not belong to them is called "theft".
    That person is known as a "thief".

    In some countries, it seems to be a natural thing to do.
    You take the property that belongs to others to use it for your own financial gain.
    That is "theft".
    This is why many will call a person like you a "thief".
    Unfortunately, many countries promote "theft" by not doing anything about it, possibly like the country you live in.

    You seem to play a game of "not understanding", or "not understanding the language".
    Yet, you certainly are smart enough to take which does not belong to you and to use that to make money off of it.

    It is very simple.
    "Use your own original content in your blog, and DO NOT use ANY content from another blog that does not belong to you!

    I am sorry, but your notion of a language barrier no longer applies here!!

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  9. Especially since China is notorious for being the land of thieves and knock-offs.

  10. This wordpress blogger is still stealing material from other wordpress bloggers. Unless bookxo can prove otherwise? Bookxo, did the following blogger give you permission to use her photos?

    I call on wordpress to shut this guy down. Not that he won't set up somewhere else.

  11. You need to understand that WordPress will not shut this guy down. When people rob banks and use Audis to get away, Audi will not take it upon themselves to stop the thieves. WordPress is a tool being used by this thief, and cannot control what he does. He took the software and installed it on his own server space and WP has nothing more to do with him.

    If he's hotlinking your photos, I suggest you take them down and upload images using the same name that are just text saying "THIS BLOG'S CONTENTS ARE ENTIRELY STOLEN".

    The best way to get this loser shut down is to deal with the host. If that fails, well, you could try posting about him being a thief...and of course he'll steal it.

  12. I wouldn't worry about being ripped off too much. Consider it very flattering and move on. The idea is to continue generating good content to share with others. If youre constantly searching through the blogosphere looking for transgressors that leaves less time for you to come up with more great content.

    I get ripped off quite often. I don't mind because what I share on my blog is for public consumption.

    Now if some of my pay to view stuff gets ripped off that is a different story.

    Besides you can always blog the guys name on your blog. That way when someone hits his blog and googles his name your post will come up too. That way you can surf off his traffic too.

  13. If it is a wordpress blog hosted elsewhere, then contact them or their service provider. If it is a blog, contact staff. There is nothing we can do in the forums either way but give you some ideas on what you can do.


  14. Consider it flattering? It's insulting-it's ripping off content that you've generated for them to make money. It's completely disrespectful and undermines the originality of your site.

  15. The same wordpress blog has lifted a post of mine, verbatim, as well: <;. I've left a comment requesting attribution or that the post be removed, and will follow up accordingly.

  16. I agree with 'thepiedpiper' for bloggers! We may set it to private if this is to ensure privacy.

  17. show time

  18. "show time?"

    Please, have you been watching too many A-Team episodes? If you don't want to get arrested, you'd better stop stealing. China needs to do some copyright PR and they'd certainly sacrifice you to impress America, wouldn't they?

    Brilliant of you to switch to ripping off IANS. Like they won't notice, and they don't have lawyers. And I am not going to email them right now...


    I contacted them and suggested they get their corporate lawyer on it.

    Thank you for stopping by the forums and reminding me that you exist. I so enjoy encounters like this.

  20. I don't know why, but I find the mashing of English and Chinese in the 10:06 am post slightly amusing.

    It's really pathetic when people start insults in their native language. Online, no body language or tone is conveyed, so a bunch of gibberish characters end up meaning nothing. How can it be an insult or threat when you can't even read it? LOL

  21. raincoaster,
    funny you should suggest that because I actually did post yesterday about him being a thief.

    bookxo: Read all about yourself. Are you going to steal it?

  22. I think you may have frightened him off. He can only rage impotently in the forums in gibberish.

    Now he's stealing from the Indo-Asian news service, which is actually good news, as they're an actual news service far closer to him and they are fully equipped to bring him down entirely.

    Of course, a quick word with the Chinese embassy in your country would also serve to bring him to the attention of the authorities. Not that they'd do anything in particular: just that being brought to the attention of the Chinese authorities is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemies.

  23. Ha ha. I was originally included in the Indian press. Let your words saddens me. I have now started a 24-hour update your blog. And to begin to remove your blog name and link back. Ignorant of the threat. For example, to find what the mainframe. What a lawyer. This can make me laugh. The reason I just started to delete you have not confirmed to the article contains. I take it from a humanitarian point of view. I am not afraid of what. Instead, you once again words hurt. This will let you regret

  24. I am, thank you. But I am very good at it.

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