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Content Thief

  1. is stealing blogs content.He is stealing it via youtube tag rss feed. He/she stole two of my posts.

    I tried contacting the owner of the site but received no reply, I tried contacting the host of the site, no reply, I tried contacting the host though there "24 hour ICQ support" not online, I tried contacting the domain registry site, I got a reply saying contact the host.

    I don't have the money to take legal action aginst the owner odf the sit eor the host.

    Whois information The host is


    COMPLAINTS: Complaints regarding Illegal Use or System or Network Security issues should be sent to: [email redacted]

    You don't need any money, just a dmca notice and it costs you nothing - just write it.

    (And ICQ for Support? That dates them way back .. dinosaurs)

  3. A traceroute shows that coud be their upstream provider.

    If your dmca notice gets no action inside a few days, send one to them.

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