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    Dear WordPress Staff,

    I have a photography heavy travel, food, family & Dutch life etc blog and since I’m a daily blogger, after more than three years I have a LOT of posts in my main topics.

    If you go to my tag “The Hague” or say, “food” the list of posts are pages and pages and pages long because I cover so many topics.

    I’d LOVE to see a dedicated “Contents” page where if someone clicks on “food ” from my Category list then all my food posts pop up on a new page with the first photo thumbnail size from each post and the link, like gallery view so that you can say find the recipe I posted 2.5 years ago quickly.


    You click on “Food” from my Category list and a popup page reveals subgroups of food…
    Step by step tutorials,
    Portuguese Food,
    Cafe and Restaurant Reviews,
    Favourite Recipes,
    Party Favourites,
    Dutch Food traditions etc
    …and THEN clicking on each one of these would give a gallery of thumbnail photos and links to all the posts in each of these groups.

    Please please please WordPress Elves, this is my wish for 2013… I can promise you I’ve been good (well, OK I at least I mostly tried )

    …and I think this would be a fabulous addition to WordPress for all daily long-term bloggers like me who have a ton of unique content and want to make it easier for readers to find.

    Thank you for reading this: Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous 2013 !!!

    Kind regards… Kiwidutch :)

    The blog I need help with is



    Two days before Christmas when you are making suggestions for new features to Staff – wow! are you ever optimistic. :)



    Of course naturally I don’t mean “before 2013” ,
    I’m just expressing a Christmas wish (not asking for a Christmas miracle LOL)

    If they could work on the idea in 2013 though, that would be brilliant!

    ..and better an optimist than a pessimist, no?

    Merry Christmas! …Kiwi :)



    I was just ribbing you. ;) Merry Christmas! :)


    please I’d like to remove similar pages from my blog. help me how to?



    – francisodhiambo,
    You don’t appear to have any similar page on your blog to remove.

    – WordPress Staff,
    Any confirmation that my idea has been read or considered please?

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