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Contest for 15 Credits -- not a support question

  1. (sorry for the spam -- I figured this would be a good way to reach people who are interested in the free credits)

    I've decided to try out the "gifts" feature by running a contest for 15 free credits. You could use these credits to buy a custom domain name, the CSS upgrade or towards buying more web space / more private users.

    More information and rules can be found here:

    This will be my only post on the subject in these forums.

  2. Eh, I haven't read the post yet, but you're not a spammer so you get some credit from me. I'm willing to check it out just because you say so; this is what you call "social credit".

  3. Oooohhh, gambling. :)

  4. ahemm ... oh dear me, golly, gosh darn and gee whiz ... I can't seem to locate the correct post. You know the one I mean - why it's the non-existent post with the forum guidelines/rules written in invisible type in it. *rotflmao*

    P.S. I adding this to my forum favourites for future use.
    P.P.S. And yes! sarcasm does have it's place here laura613.

  5. I say he should run a contest for the best promotion of his contests. That would give us all an incentive to pimp out the contest.

  6. @rain
    Hysterically funny!
    So how long do you think it will take for a politically correct, passive aggressive suck up to authority figures type to put a "modlook" on this thread?

  7. I don't have an issue with it and would even chip in $15 myself if I had the extra cash.

    Not sure what staff will say about the thread though...

  8. I think they've had plenty of time to look at it and done nothing. engtech's done a lot of good in the forums and promoting WordPress around the web, and I see this as an unofficial WordPress-boosting thing. If you read the comments on the thread you'll see that the first thing is people asking if all the contests are going to be limited to WordPress bloggers...this is GOOD for WordPress.

  9. I think that the best strategy for engtech to employ is to answer "yes" this is only for wordpress bloggers retain that same position in future contests too and bring 'em on in. So what do others think? ^^;)

  10. As Engtech said in the original post, this is for ONLY users who had their blog running before (I think) January 15th.

    I think it's fantastic that he's offering to do this. :)

  11. So do I and in the future after I have saved enough for my eyeglasses prescription I would also kick in $15.

    P.S. To those who previously advised me that BC med would pay for my glasses this is not true unless you are under 18 years of age, over 65 years of age or are on welfare. The rest of us have to cough up the cash {choke}.
    P.P.S. Cornell* thanks for being my eyes I can barely focus at this time of the day. Hence the chronic editing .... argghhh!

  12. They changed it, then. Bloody Gordon Campbell...everyone he evicted from a home for the mentally impaired should go camp out on his front lawn...or his girlfriend's. That would get some laws changed back pronto to the kind of coverage we have paid for and have every right to expect in Canada.

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