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contest giveaways

  1. How do I set up a contest giveaway on my blog, adding multiple business facebook pages (of other companies) so that you have to like every facebook page (all businesses who participated) involved. So if I have 8 companies, who I want to be apart of this, and you have to like them all to be entered? I hope this makes sense...


    The blog I need help with is

  2. As far as I'm aware, it's not possible unless you have someone checking every entrant one by one on all eight pages.

  3. well maybe I am asking wrong. But I have seen it and more than once. Hmmm, raincoaster, don't go away. I am going to find an example...

  4. Find an example that is hosted on

  5. OK, i hope you can see this...scroll down and see the facebook points...

  6. Not, not doable here.

    FYI if that's the kind of blog you have in mind, you should know that affiliate sales and blog/post/ad/contest sponsorships are banned here.

  7. ah, what do you mean? what does that mean? having someone post other social media sites? this is all new to me, i certainly do not want to burn bridges. is that looked down upon?

  8. No, I mean if you look in the sidebar of that blog, it's clear those are paid ads. And the contest companies may or may not have paid or given swag in return for being included in the contest. That is against the rules here. has restrictions on codes we can use for security reasons and restrictions on commercial content, to keep blogs here personal or professional, rather than for-profit. WordPress.ORG has no such restrictions, but you do need to source your own host and pay for monthly hosting.

  9. gotcha. thank you for taking the time to explain.

    much appreciated!


  10. I read this again, I am actually not talking about the advertisements on the sidebar. I am speaking towards the contest giveaway within the blog itself. If you scroll down and click on enter the contest, it will pop up companies you can "like" with just a click within the blog....

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