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Contest in blog

  1. Hi. I have checked support - nothing - checked Forums but all prior inquiries are now so old I thought I had better double check for latest rulings on this matter. Please can someone tell me if this is ok? I would like to put a contest in a blog post - we would post a photo and whoever correctly identifies people in the photo will win a case or a bottle of wine. This is not money making, not advertising (or at least we don't' think so - my concern is The Powers That Be might construe it as such). This blog is written by / about a wine producer, Graham's Port, and we would be giving our own wines as the prizes for one or possibly two different questions. You can see the blog at thanks very much!! If there are any other rules or restrictions I need to know, please give me llinks! thanks very much.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. a) Graham's Port???? HOLY CRAP I've got to start reading your blog immediately! And enter that damn contest!

    b) As a five year user I don't see a problem, but staff have the final call. Why not write it up as a Draft post, save it as Draft, and then give the link to staff via your dashboard Help button to make double sure?

  3. Thanks Raincoaster! Will do... enjoy the blog (no fairy mummies in the Douro though...might be a little dull for you...)

  4. Just to close - I did write to support and they replied "Sure, this is certainly acceptable. Looks fun, too. :) " So, as soon as I have go-ahead from my bosses internally, I'll be able to publish. Thanks so much for the help, and for the visit to the blog, Raincoaster. Take cre.

  5. You're welcome.

    Maybe the number of dead fairies one sees is a function of how many empty bottles there are in one's immediate vicinity? Just a theory.

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