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  1. I am using the theme Twenty Eleven.
    It says the "Continue Reading" link on my new post, "Goats", but it doesn't do it on any other posts of mine, even longer ones, like my "Meeting Sam Abell" post. My site is, and I did not use the "more tag"..
    Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. "The more tag" does not automatically appear in that theme. You have to insert it into the posts and pages where you want the text to split

  3. But I'm saying that I HAVEN'T put the more tag in, so I'm not sure why it's splitting. I have also tried putting a "more tag" where I want it to cut, and it's still saying "Continue Reading..." where it was.

  4. That's because you've selected the gallery post format. If you want the whole gallery on your front page, edit the post and set the format to standard.

  5. Thanks @justpi, now I understand what I did. I post mainly galleries, but I had written a little excerpt for this post and it was still in gallery format. Topic resolved!

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