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"Continue Reading" missing after Search (Twenty Eleven theme)

  1. After using the Twenty Eleven theme Search bar, the results do not display the More Tags of my posts.

    The full post is available if the title is clicked.. but since there's no blue hyperlink, this seems unintuitive - the post just stops in mid sentence.

    Do I need the CSS Upgrade to change this - and if so, what code would I need?

    Hope you can help! Sincerely, Henry

    The blog I need help with is

  2. First of all, I'm only pulling up a single entry on any of your category/archives pages with the "Older Posts" link at the bottom and I assume this is because you have 1 post set to display. Problem is this is counter intuitive when people visit your blog. It's not likely that visitors will have the patience to page through each post and then see only an excerpt of it at that.

    FWIW, as far as the single posts which are displaying, I see the continue

    Also, FWIW, the CSS upgrade doesn't change the functionality of your blog, only its appearance.

  3. I have changed some of my "asides" to standard posts because of this quirk mentioned by the OP. (I use Coraline, not Twenty-Ten.) I realized that when found in a search or using a tag or category link, the asides did not display the subject/title header, so that wasn't clickable, and the more tag also wasn't showing up, so only a tiny part of the post showed (and no pictures, thought the pics were available in "standard" posts appearing in the search), and there was no way to get to the full article.

    Fortunately, I've only been using asides for a very short time, so this wasn't a huge problem for me. I just wish that the documentation on asides was clearer about how making a post an aside would affect it being viewed in wp searches, etc. If there is more info about that somewhere, I didn't find it -- but I'd love a link if anyone has one to more info!

  4. Asides are really meant for very short "twitter-esque" posts. On the front page they do not show the post title and tags as you mention.

    But in so far as the OP is concerned, there is only one post on their home page and paging back through the older posts, (up to page 15) so far I cannot find one that appears to be an Aside. All the posts have titles and when clicked on show the full post.

    Perhaps this riddle would be easier to solve if the OP would post a link to a page with more than one result? I'm not turning up anything.

  5. @justjennifer Thanks!

    I liked the way the asides appeared on the front page (no title & no tags), and I used them for pretty short posts, then truncated them even more by using the "more" tag, but since they didn't show up well in searches (no "more" tag, e.g.), I've decided to limit using them to posts where I'm pretty sure they won't be an important result when someone does a search for something.

  6. Thanks for the help.

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